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Rose Simard-Bachand

Founder & Principal, CAIM
Qualified Mediator |Certified Divorce Financial Analyst |Conflict Coach
Collaborative Financial Consultant

As the founder and principal of CAIM, I believe that it takes a multi-disciplinary approach to create an optimal outcome for each client we work with.

I am so proud to have a team of professionals from different backgrounds and specializations, to assist and support our clients, at each stage of their journey.

As part of our intake process, I will work with you to determine which collaborators could support you the best. If there is a particular expert listed below, who you want to work with, please let me know!

At CAIM, we are dedicated to creating a wholistic approach for your optimal outcomes.

Marry Ferrer

Client Care Coordinator

Marry Ferrer is the Client Care Coordinator at CAIM Collaborative Resolutions. She has extensive experience in administrative setting and customer service including data management and project coordination. She is passionate in helping others achieve their full potential. Marry is a graduate of Mount Royal University, where she received a BA in Criminal Justice. During her studies, she completed her practicum working with young offenders to successfully finish their rehabilitation and to aide in their reintegration back to the society. After graduation, she launched her career as an Administrative and Events Coordinator for a non-profit agency. She also volunteers to various immigrant serving agencies and justice advocacy groups such as Calgary Immigrant Women's Association and Elizabeth Fry Society. Outside of the office, Marry enjoys travelling, learning to cook different cuisines, and spending time with her love ones.

Allison Williams

Certified Co-Active Parenting Coach

Allison obtained her social work qualification Greenwich University, London, UK, Certificate in Systemic Practice with Families and Couples at Birkbeck University, London UK and a Diploma in Child Development, Certification for Child and Youth care and is a member of the Alberta Child and Youth Care Association. Allison is also a trained at the Co-active Training institute as coach and is a member of the International Federation for Coaches.  

Allison has been working with children and families for over 38 years’ experience in various settings including child welfare, education, family community agencies. Supporting and working with complex families and individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

Allison is an experienced mental health and child development professional that provides advice and guidance about a variety of issues related to separation/divorce. This includes advice about how to tell your child about the upcoming parental separation and how to assist the children in the separation/divorce process. That includes obtaining advice and information about children’s reactions to divorce.

Also providing advice about how to help your child who is feeling caught between parents, assisting you with your child who shows distress or symptoms at transitions between parental homes, how to communicate with the other parent and consultation about divorce disputes.

Andrea Jones

Communication Specialist and Coach

Andrea Jones is fascinated with the things that make us tick and how we can use them to step into our full power. As a Communication Specialist and Coach, she’s dedicated to helping others understand how people think and how they can use this knowledge to build trust quickly, create stronger bonds and forge better relationships.

She also brings extensive experience in business management, marketing strategy and television production, combined with 20+ years of investigation into psychology, NLP, neuroscience, body language and personal development. As a result of this unique combination of skills, her clients get what they want faster.

Amanda Hess

Certified Confidence Coach

Amanda Hess is a Certified Confidence Coach who is passionate about helping others figure out how to become their most fabulous and confident selves. She is a born and raised Calgary girl who has successfully dug out of her own personal self-doubt and inner hater and subsequently helped hundreds of others to do the same. Amanda believes that confidence is built one thought at a time and it’s her passion to teach her clients the path to genuine self-belief.

Janice Liski-Skinner

Certified Proactive Health Coach

Janice Liski-Skinner has been a Registered Nurse for over 3 decades specializing in Labour & Delivery and in the Emergency Department. She is a Certified Proactive Health Coach with Being Balanced, an International speaker and also a member of the International Nurses Association.

Janice enjoys living a proactive, retired lifestyle with her supportive husband of 30 years. Her proudest achievement in life are her 3 handsome, smart, funny and very tall sons. She actively participates in Spartan Races with them – carrying her part of the way! She enjoys the discipline of yoga, the stretch of pilates, the challenging hikes in nature and most importantly, traveling around the world for self-care and she will never say NO to time with her precious granddaughter. She finally got her girl!! 

Janice helps her clients transform their lives in easy steps by creating an individual plan for implementing simple changes in daily choices. Clients experience increased energy, healthy, nutritional plans plus fun ways to put movement back into the body that will help reduce stress and give back their Zest for Living! All without the ‘sugar-coating’!

Her heart felt journey lead her to this mission and passionate desire to help as many people change their daily choices into Healthy Habits for Lifestyle Rewards. Learn how the smallest steps will lead you back to that 'proactive' lifestyle within. 

Leona deVinne

Certified Life Coach

Leona deVinne is a professional certified coach who has committed her life to seeing others flourish. Her expertise, care, along with a touch of quick whit, provide her with the skills to help people move forward in their lives, even after the most challenging of circumstances.

Leona never thought she would end up going through a divorce, but after 19 years of marriage she found herself having to rebuild her life. She started and facilitated Calgary’s first infidelity recovery group whose membership climbed quickly to 150 members. By working through her own pain, studying what it takes to over come trauma, developing a deep understanding of narcissistic behaviour, she has discovered the keys to flourishing after divorce. She’s helped hundreds of people get back on their feet, integrating their pain, and move forward to create thriving lives.

Matthew Ball

Certified Divorce Coach

My name is Matthew Ball and I was born in London, England. In 2002 I moved to Canada with my wife and in 2010, we decided to divorce. It hit me hard. I fell apart and I hit rock bottom quickly. Outside of going through the legal process of getting divorced, I looked everywhere for inspiration and guidance to help me through the emotional journey. I found nothing that I could relate to. All I was looking for was something or someone that would help guide me out of those dark places and show me how I could create a new life for myself; one that I was passionate about and motivated to live by each and every day!

Since 2012, I have coached hundreds of men and women across the globe, helping them handle the emotional stress that divorce can bring and show them how they can recreate not just themselves, but a life they are passionate about.

She’s Gone Move On is my way of giving to those that need help and inspiration. My goal is for the website and book (which will be out in 2019) is to help Inspire men who have been affected by divorce, to move forward and live a great life!

Remember, you have your whole life ahead of you. Start living it now!

Melody Chardon

Certified Life Coach & Grief Recovery Specialist

Life Is perfect, until it’s not. Melody Chardon knows what it’s like to be struck by overpowering change. In the span of eighteen months, Melody faced her father’s death, started a new career and filed for divorce. Her relationships, career, and finances were impacted, and her health suffered. She was forced into learning how to regulate her emotions to support her overall health and wellbeing. Melody’s transformation and self-discovery ultimately led her to a deeper sense of love, freedom, and joy. Inspired to help others with her enlightened understanding and coping strategies, she became a certified life coach and grief recovery specialist. Melody pairs professional training with practical experience to create the safe and trusted space for you to consciously manage the emotional upheaval of change.
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